5 Most Profitable Niche for New Bloggers


Blogging is really a great way to make money online. As a matter of fact daily thousands of people join as a blogger and the number is growing day by day. However in blogging you do not start making money overnight.
You have to create content for months and months then you start making money. So you have to decide beforehand that on which topic you are going to blog for next 6 to 8 months. You have to choose a topic on which you can write without breaking the rhythm.
At the same time the topic must be profitable, that means it must be popular enough, so you get more values for your ads. Here I have listed 5 such topics which are profitable at the same time you can write about them continuously.
Let’s discuss them one by one.


The first topic would be blogging itself. As I said there are millions of bloggers around the world. Many of them are new bloggers and they do not know much about blogging. These novice bloggers are looking for help of all sorts.
You can start blogging and give them simple tips like blog designing, templates, content etc. Blogging industry is growing daily and you can get many ads to show. These ads are very profitable and are here to stay for a long time.

Internet & Technology

Second topic you could choose to blog is Internet and various other technologies related to it. This can be about how to make money online, playing games, free software downloads etc. Again I must say all these topics or niches are very easy to write and at same time very profitable.
You can always find news about latest technologies that is related to desktop and mobile devices. You will never run out of content. If we talk about profit then Google Adsense ads pays you very high for this niche.   Moreover everyone knows about Internet and basic technology related to it. Therefore you can create content freely without any hassle.


Next topic you can choose is Gadget. Before I tell more about this let me give you a suggestion. Creating content around Gadgets niche is bit difficult. Although it is a very profitable niche and ads can pay you huge dividends.
But to create content you must have Gadgets like cellphone, laptops etc present with you. For writing reviews or features you need to experiment with them. So you may require money to buy some of these Gadgets. I recommend you to listen YouTube videos as you get more insight.

Facebook & Twitter

Facebook & Twitter is a social media platform. They are very popular and people using them want to know more and more about these platforms. So you can share tips about using Facebook and Twitter.
There are many blogs that caters only Facebook and Twitter. They give more insight about Facebook interface and its marketing value. You can also start a blog on this niche.
At the same time it is very profitable also. You can get ads from many other third party providers.

Google Products

Your maximum profit for ads will come from Google adsense.  Google offers a lot of services through its various products. Let me guarantee if you are creating a blog that spread information about Google and its products then Google will definitely like you.
Google Ads pay very high dividends for their ads shown on content that is written for Google products only. You can write on search engine, Gmail, Google docs, YouTube etc. All of them are very popular and new and interesting blog posts written on these topics are always going to appeal larger audience.
I recommend you to start a blog on this niche as it is very profitable and simultaneously very easy to create good content.


In conclusion I would say that if you are confused and not able to decide the niche of your blog then you can take my 5 recommendations. The first niche to choose is Blogging, second is Internet & technology, third is Gadgets, fourth is facebook & Twitter and last is Google products.
You can choose any one of them because they are very profitable as well as easy to write.
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